Bill Metts

Two Broken Souls
See Me Through
The Long Way Home
Our Friend Kate
Kevin's Song
Just So You Know (explicit)
Why Girl
Walk A Mile
Breath In
Trzymaj Sei
Choose Me
Walk to Freedom
The Light Less Shined
Maid to Be
Silent Rage
Forgiveness Trail
Good Bye
A Better Me
To My Best Friend

​All of the music for the songs on this page was composed for Hope by Song 

Bill Metts

Something is Different
My Fire
I Am Me
Devil in My Mind (explicit)
Breaking the Delusion
The Father I Never Had
Karen's Song
Daddy Fell in Love
Change I Must
Waterfall of Tears
Rain On My Brain
Every time

Board of Directors...Nita Flores/President...William Metts/Vice President

Matt Hannam/Secretary...Bruce Gallant/Recruitment Director...Markie Dyann/Marketing Director

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