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About us

The Hope by Song (a Not for Profit -501(C3) program is designed to

Inspire, Create & Educate.


Our mission is to help those whose stories of abuse, addiction, homelessness or PTSD have not yet been heard by INSPIRING them to tell their stories. Their words are then used to CREATE songs of struggle and hope. These songs are then used to EDUCATE others dealing with similar issues to encourage new, more beneficial ways of thinking about their lives, and to foster, in our community, greater awareness and a deeper understanding of those in less fortunate situations.

We believe that music, coupled with storytelling,  journal or letter writing, is a foundation

upon which healing can occur by inspiring, creating and educating.


We invite organizations and individuals to become involved with Hope by Song.

To request information or to schedule a presentation -






Click the "Contact Hope by Song" button below or email: 





To hear some of the songs created from writings submitted, please go to the 



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School Music Departments and  Music students along with Singer-Songwriters are encouraged to get involved. Please send us a message via the contact link. above, to aid in the efforts, and mission to positively impact our communities.

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