Hope by Song
Tell us your story program 
is designed to Inspire, Create & Educate.

We believe that music is a foundation upon which healing can occur by inspiring, creating and educating.

  Hope By Song provides a creative outlet to those who want to share their stories of struggle and hope through the assistance of volunteer, community minded, Singer-Songwriters who care.

We all have stories to share, some are dramatically uplifting, some are complex, some are very simple and poignant. The Hope by Song-Tell us your story program seeks to help those whose stories of abuse, addiction, homelessness or PTS have not been heard. 

The power of music can help heal.

We invite organizations and individuals to become involved with Hope by Song.

To request information or to schedule a presentation - fill out the form below or email: Nita @   Hopebysong@gmail.com
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 Written & performed by Papa Tommy 

 & short video that appeared in the New-press that mentions the meaning to one individual touched by Hope by Song
​Official Recording studio for the Hope by Song program

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